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Hier findest du alle Infos zum Ego-Shooterspiel Half-Life 3 von Valve für PC, PS3, Xbox Release, Gameplay und alles, was ihr wissen müsst. Fans von „Half-Life“ warten schon sehnsüchtig auf einen dritten Teil der Reihe, doch stattdessen gibt es erst einmal „nur“ einen VR-Ableger. Half-Life 3 immer aktuell: Alles über HL3-Trailer, Hl3-News, HL3-Wiki, Release und natürlich dem Klassiker: Half-Life 3 confirmed:). Mit der Rückkehr der Marke Half-Life mit dem von uns mit Platin ausgezeichneten VR-Shooter Half-Life: Alyx wird die Frage derzeit wieder. Half-Life 3 () für PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox Alles zum Spiel mit Wertung, Download, Systemanforderungen, Release Termin, Demo.

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Half-Life 3 immer aktuell: Alles über HL3-Trailer, Hl3-News, HL3-Wiki, Release und natürlich dem Klassiker: Half-Life 3 confirmed:). Hier findest du alle Infos zum Valves Half-Life 3: Ob Videos, News, Gerüchte, Spekulationen, Downloads, Fakten, Meldungen, Tests oder Vorschauen! Half-Life 3: News. Ein geheimnisvoller Vertreter unter den Videospielen. Das der Spieleentwickler Valve an einer Fortsetzung des Ego-Shooters Half-Life arbeitet​.

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Half Life Alyx (3) is OUT & it's AMAZING! - Full Playthough half-life 3 Click at this page hätte auch nicht gedacht, dass man das anders verstehen kann. Der Kommentar ist indeed fritz honka sohn really als Zeichen. Alyx laut Valve "erst der Anfang, nicht das Ende". Von Kellykiller Erfahrener Benutzer. Mehr Kommentare. De facto enthüllt der Titel nicht weniger, als david helfgott sich Half-Life 3 mit an Sicherheit grenzender Wahrscheinlichkeit in Entwicklung befindet. Half-Life: Blue Shift. Dein Kommentar wurde als Spam identifiziert. Schau in die aktuelle Ausgabe. Juni

So, why didn't Half-Life episode 3 emerge as a fully-fledged Half-Life 3 sequel as many thought it would? Well, there are two primary reasons.

The first is that the team didn't want to work on another Source engine alongside game development again and needed to work on Source 2 before creating another sequel.

Of course, Source 2 wasn't announced until when Dota 2 was released. Which takes us to the present day, 13 years after Half-Life 2: episode 2, with no idea what the future holds for the series.

It's amazing that after the series had lain dormant for so long, Half-Life fans were still scrambling for another release. While 's VR title Half-Life: Alyx was a prequel rather than the full sequel that many were hoping for, it has rekindled some hope and marked the end of a drought.

In an interview with GameInformer , Valve's Robin Walker said that Alyx is "not the end" for the franchise while writer Eric Wolpaw said in an interview with PCGamer that he's "ready to sign up for the next one".

So, at the very least we know the series isn't retiring but we still don't know whether its next release will be Half-Life 3, another VR title related to Half-Life Alyx or something else completely fresh in the same universe.

Hopefully we won't have to wait quite as long to find out. Half-Life: Alyx is a VR-exclusive release and has quickly become a " watershed moment " for the platform, showing its true potential.

If another Half-Life title was to be released, then, would it be on VR? Well, that remains unclear and Valve remains non-committal.

We don't know if it's going to be a non VR title. How are people able to enjoy it? How many people can we get into the VR platform?

We really don't know those answers until we put the game out and we start listening. Certainly, at the moment, VR is a more limited platform in terms of its user base and if a fully-fledged Half-Life 3 were to be released it's possible Valve would want to make it available to as wide and audience as possible.

This all remains speculation, however, and we won't know for sure what the future holds for the series until Valve confirms its intentions.

So, although Valve never released its third episode or a sequel, some information has spilled out over the years.

How much of it is still relevant is unclear, but Gabe Newell did confirm that players would retain control of action hero physicist Gordon Freeman.

The end of Half-Life: Alyx certainly suggests that this will still be true of the next release. Newell also confirmed that Episode 3, as it was then known, would finish the story arc that began in Half Life 2.

While he spoke of the possibility of a fourth episodic instalment, he confirmed that it would be stand-alone and developed outside of Valve.

It was later revealed to have been in development at Dishonored developers Arkane Studios and titled Return to Ravenholme. Unfortunately it was cancelled.

The plot summary that he later released appeared to confirm this. Instead the game would keep things open so that a new team could eventually develop sequels.

In August , longtime Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw posted a short story titled ' Epistle 3 ' on his personal blog. Although the writer referred to the post as a 'fanfic' it's pretty clear that the post is a thinly veiled plot summary of what would have been Half-Life 2: Episode 3, albeit with most of the name's changed and everyone's gender's reversed.

If you'd like to read the post with the name's and gender's corrected then you can do so on GitHub , where someone has transcribed the whole short story.

Although it's worth reading the post in its entirety, it appears the plot of the game would have followed Gordon and Alyx as they journeyed to the Borealis, which would have been found to be phasing in and out of existence.

After a protracted fight they would have eventually have rigged the ship to travel to the heart of the Combine empire and explode, thus freeing the human race from their enslavement.

Like previous Half-Life games, Gordon would have been left in limbo, saved from the explosion by the Vortigaunts.

Despite the fact that Valve has seldom spoken about Half-Life 3, let alone released gameplay material, we have had a fair bit of concept art hit the net over the past 13 years.

Normally it might give us some hints at what to expect, but given the amount of time since the art first surface, the nature of the game is likely to have drastically changed.

Some more concept art arrived in , and if legit shows off a wide variety of environments the players can explore. And so if I were to say that, yeah, I've seen some images, like some concept art of it, that wouldn't be big news to be honest.

Opposing Force was first announced as a mission pack for Half-Life in April , and was released for the Windows version of the game.

Shephard is initially assigned to cover up the events at Black Mesa, but is soon left isolated and has to fight to survive against a new group of alien invaders and black operations units.

Opposing Force was received favorably by critics, [9] many citing the game as being as influential on setting expansion pack standards as the original game had been in influencing the overall genre.

Gearbox went on to develop Blue Shift , Half-Life ' s second expansion pack. Announced in , the game was initially developed as a bonus campaign for the Dreamcast port of Half-Life ; [14] however, the port was cancelled and Blue Shift was instead released for Windows on June 12, Blue Shift puts the player in the position of Barney Calhoun , a security guard working at Black Mesa.

The game takes place within the early parts of Half-Life , with Calhoun attempting to escape the facility with a small group of scientists.

Blue Shift also includes a High Definition pack, which upgrades the quality of the models and textures in both Blue Shift and the preceding games in the series.

The third expansion for Half-Life was Decay. The game was again developed by Gearbox and published by Sierra. Released on November 14, , Decay received a weak but overall positive reception from critics, many reviewers stating that it was fun to play through with a friend, but that the game's more puzzle-oriented gameplay detracted from the overall experience.

On November 16, , Valve released Half-Life 2. The game had a six-year development cycle, which saw several delays and the leak of the game's source code.

Half-Life 2 returns the player to the role of Gordon Freeman. Set twenty years after the original game, [27] Earth has been occupied by the Combine , a transdimensional race that exploited the events of the first game to invade.

Half-Life 2 garnered near-unanimous positive reviews and received critical acclaim much like its predecessor, winning over 35 Game of the Year awards for Considered one of the greatest video games of all time , the game has been critically praised for its advances in computer animation , sound , narration , computer graphics , artificial intelligence , and physics.

Half-Life 2 was the first game to use Valve's Steam content delivery system, a system that eventually led to Valve falling out with publisher Sierra Entertainment.

On October 27, , Valve released Lost Coast , a short, playable tech demo demonstrating high dynamic range rendering.

In May , Valve announced a trilogy of episodic games that would continue the Half-Life 2 story, with the final episode planned for release by Christmas Episode One was released on June 1, The player controls Freeman as he and Alyx escape City 17 before a dark energy reactor core destroys it.

It introduced several graphical effects, including new lighting features and more advanced facial animation. The story focuses on Alyx.

Episode One received a generally positive critical reaction, although the short length was a common point of criticism.

It was distributed digitally on Steam and at retail by Electronic Arts. Episode Two focuses on expansive environments, travel, and less linear play.

As Freeman, the player travels with Alyx into the surrounding countryside, pursued by Combine forces. Episode Two ' s new technologies and gameplay features were praised by reviewers; however, though it was significantly longer than Episode 1 , the length was again a point of criticism.

Players use VR to interact with the environment and fight enemies, using gravity gloves to manipulate objects, similarly to the gravity gun from Half-Life 2.

Alyx was released to acclaim. Episode Three was announced in , with a release date of Christmas For me, 'entertainment as a service' is a clear distillation of the episodic content model.

After Episode Two , Valve abandoned episodic development, as they wanted to create more ambitious installments. He planned an ending similar to previous games, with Freeman left "in an indeterminate space, on hold So one cliffhanger after another I expected every installment would end without resolution, forever and ever.

In , Laidlaw posted a short story, "Epistle 3", on his website. Laidlaw described the story as a "snapshot of a dream I had many years ago".

The story features characters with names similar to Half-Life characters, such as "Gertie Fremont" for Gordon Freeman. Substituting the characters with their Half-Life counterparts, the story sees Freeman and his allies travel to the Arctic to board the Borealis, a ship that travels erratically through time and space, where they "confront myriad versions" of themselves.

They rig the ship to travel to the heart of the Combine empire and self-destruct, but the explosion is not sufficient to destroy the Combine's Dyson Sphere.

Alyx is taken by the G-Man and Gordon is rescued by the Vortigaunts, with most of the Resistance dead and the success of their uprising uncertain.

After Laidlaw published the story, some players left negative reviews for Dota 2 on Steam, believing that Valve had forgone the Half-Life series.

According to Spector, the episode showed how Ravenholm became the town seen in Half-Life 2 , infested with headcrabs and zombies, and saw the return of the character of Father Grigori.

Valve became uninterested in the project and Spector dropped it in favor of Disney's Epic Mickey. They developed it into a standalone game [62] with the working title Ravenholm.

Players controlled Adrian Shepard from Opposing Force, working alongside Father Grigori, who had taken refuge in a psychiatric hospital.

Grigori was experimenting with the effects of headcrab venom on himself, and would mutate through the story.

The player would use the magnet gun and traps created by Grigori against enemies. Arkane also implemented a nailgun that could create paths to conduct electricity and set traps.

Arkane sent their work to Valve for feedback and technical support. The Portal series, which takes place in the same universe as the Half-Life games, is a series of puzzle games developed by Valve.

The player controls a test subject named Chell as she moves through the laboratories of Black Mesa's primary rival, Aperture Science , completing various tests with a device that allows her to create linked portals in physical space.

In the later stages of the game, the player battles GLaDOS , a corrupt artificial intelligence computer that monitors her every move.

The game is the spiritual successor to Narbacular Drop , with many of the same team members working on the game.

Portal has been acclaimed as one of the most original games in , receiving praise for its unique gameplay and darkly humorous story.

An Xbox Live Arcade expansion was released on October 22, , and its sequel, Portal 2 , was released on April 19, In April , Valve acquired the rights to the fan-made modification Counter-Strike.

After some cooperation between the original team and Valve's developers, [66] Valve sold the game in retail, retitled Half-Life: Counter-Strike.

Due to originally being a mod of Half-Life , the game shared several assets with the game, including Black Mesa containers, vehicles, and scientists, with the Black Mesa logos visible in several maps in the retail version implicitly setting them in the same universe.

When Half-Life: Counter-Strike was remade as Counter-Strike: Source , it was bundled in all retail versions of Half-Life 2 , as well as all of the initial digital versions.

Some game journalists referred to it as " Half-Life 2' s multiplayer version. The success of the Half-Life series has spurred the creation of several spin-off games for Half-Life 2.

Codename Gordon is a two-dimensional Flash sidescroller shooter developed by NuclearVision, and was released over Valve's Steam online delivery system on May 18, , as a promotional game for the then-upcoming Half-Life 2.

Reviewers praised the game for its gameplay and unique dialog style, but also criticized it for its improper optimization, and lack of opponent variety.

Characters from Half-Life have appeared in other games. The headcrab is also an unlockable character in Super Meat Boy when bought on Steam.

In the game Magicka there is a playable character after the addition of a DLC , which closely resembles the original zombie from the Half-Life universe, equipped with a crowbar.

Gordon also appears in Renegade Ops and the headcrab is available as a pet in Torchlight 2. Half-Life has also inspired a number of fan-made mods , some which have gained recognition on their own.

Black Mesa is a fan remake of the original Half-Life using the Source engine, which has been approved by Valve. Valve began working on the first game of the series soon after the company's formation, and settled on a concept for a horror-themed 3D action game , using the Quake engine as licensed by id Software.

The game was a hit at the E3 convention, where its animation system and artificial intelligence were demonstrated. The game, Decay , was showcased at E3 , where Gearbox demonstrated the game's use of new model sets, [85] which were around twice as detailed as those in Blue Shift.

For the game, Valve developed a new game engine , Source , which handles the game's visual, audio, and artificial intelligence elements.

The Source engine comes packaged with a heavily modified version of the Havok physics engine that allows for an extra dimension of interactivity in both single-player and online environments.

In Half-Life 2: Episode One , Valve modified Alyx's AI to allow her to react to the player's actions because of her significant involvement in the game.

Abrams and Gabe Newell announced that they had plans for a game and a film collaboration. Abrams said, "There's an idea we have for a game that we'd like to work with Valve on," while Newell said, "We're going to figure out if we can make a Portal movie or Half-Life movie together".

However, Sierra withdrew it from circulation after Sierra and Valve had failed to resolve licensing issues with Cruise Control over the film.

The critical reception of the film was very poor. The film's plot was that of a journalist attempting to infiltrate the Black Mesa Research Facility and discover what was happening there.

In late , a trailer for a Half-Life inspired independent short film, Beyond Black Mesa, was released.

Directed by Brian Curtin, it follows the character Adrian Shephard. In December , Valve announced that the two main Half-Life games had sold Additionally, The Orange Box , which included Half-Life 2 and both of its episodic expansions, sold 3 million units at retail by that time.

This put franchise sales at These figures did not account for digital sales. Half-Life: Counter-Strike sold 4. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Series of first-person shooter games. The series' logo, an orange lambda , is a prominent symbol throughout the series.

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Main article: Half-Life: Alyx. For the album Half-Life by band "3", see Half Life 3 album. Main article: Portal video game series.

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Letzte Warnung! Nur angemeldete Benutzer können kommentieren und bewerten. Home Spiele Half-Life 3. Aus diesem Grund wenden wir uns jetzt an euch. Das Meme dürfte in unsere Bubble article source zum Allgemeinwissen zählen. Mobile als Startseite festgelegt. Top Kommentare. Und wir verwetten alles darauf, dass dieser Teil eine hübsche "3" https://hrfsotenas.se/serien-stream-to-app/ritterburg.php Namen trägt. Wir sind es genauso leid wie ihr. Allerdings: Das Spiel hat mehr zu bieten als eine gut gemachte Vorgeschichte. Das Meme dürfte in unsere Bubble doch zum Allgemeinwissen zählen. Half-Life: Blue Shift. Ihr Vater lebt, doch sie selbst verschwindet aus dieser neu geschaffenen Timeline. Half-Life 3: News. Ein geheimnisvoller Vertreter unter den Videospielen. Das der Spieleentwickler Valve an einer Fortsetzung des Ego-Shooters Half-Life arbeitet​. Hier findest du alle Infos zum Valves Half-Life 3: Ob Videos, News, Gerüchte, Spekulationen, Downloads, Fakten, Meldungen, Tests oder Vorschauen! Retrieved July 30, Archived from the half-life 3 on May 31, Freiburg kino harmonie August 28, Due to originally being a mod of Half-Life filme amanda bynes, the game shared several assets with the game, including Black Mesa containers, vehicles, and scientists, with the Black Mesa logos visible in several maps in the retail version implicitly setting them in the same universe. The ending provided very little in the way of closure, setting up a number of plot points for Half-Life 3. Main article: Half-Life: Blue Shift. Reviewers praised the game check this out its gameplay and unique dialog style, but also criticized it for its improper optimization, and lack of opponent variety.


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