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Damit wurde die Serie mit Episoden in sieben Staffeln, sowie mit einem Film, beendet. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Übersicht; 2 Film; 3. Episodenführer Season 1: The Clone Wars – Die Klonkriege breiten sich unaufhörlich in der Galaxis aus. Der Oberste Kanzler Palpatine zieht die Jedi-​Ritter . Zwischen Episode II und III der Star-Wars-Saga spielend, präsentiert die Serie in modernster Tricktechnik die Jedi-Helden Yoda, Anakin, Obi-Wan und Neuling. - Kaufen Sie Star Wars - The Clone Wars - Staffel 1 günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. Fakten zur 1. Staffel von Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Episodenanzahl: 22 Folgen; Start in den USA: 3. Oktober ; Deutschlandstart der 1. Staffel Star Wars.

clone wars staffel 1 - Kaufen Sie Star Wars - The Clone Wars - Staffel 1 günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. Die The-Clone-Wars-Episoden der ersten Staffel. Fakten zur 1. Staffel von Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Episodenanzahl: 22 Folgen; Start in den USA: 3. Oktober ; Deutschlandstart der 1. Staffel Star Wars.

Clone trooper Tup is transported back to Coruscant, where his body is to be examined by the chancellor's personal physician.

ARC Trooper Fives is also investigating the matter. S6, Ep4. Fives is still trying to find answers regarding the mysterious actions of clone trooper Tup.

Hoping to personally speak with Chancellor Palpatine, Fives finds himself suddenly accused of trying to murder the Chancellor.

S6, Ep5. S6, Ep6. Clovis, a known traitor of the Republic, makes a dubious deal on Coruscant which puts him at the head of the Banking Clan.

S6, Ep7. After making a deal with Count Dooku to resuscitate the ailing Banking Clan, Clovis finds himself as a pawn in Dooku's designs.

S6, Ep8. The peaceful world of Bardotta and its mystic ways are threatened by an ancient prophecy, and its top spiritual leaders have vanished.

S6, Ep9. Jar Jar Binks' beloved Queen Julia of the planet Bardotta has been abducted by the bloodthirsty Frangawl Cult to fulfill a dark and ancient prophecy.

S6, Ep A Jedi mission finds a lightsaber belonging to the long-dead Master Sifo-Dyas, prompting Yoda, Obi-Wan and Anakin to begin an investigation into his decade-old disappearance.

Yoda is deeply unsettled when he hears a voice from beyond the grave - the voice of Qui-Gon Jinn.

Letting the Force guide him, Yoda voyages into the heart of the galaxy to an ancient world that is one of the wellsprings of the Force and the source of midi-chlorians.

After many grueling trials, Yoda next travels to the ancient Sith home world of Moraband, where he must face an ancient evil determined to rule the galaxy.

Four episodes were originally intended to be part of the first season, but they were instead bridged together and released as a feature film, Star Wars: The Clone Wars , on August 15, These featured pop-up boxes containing trivia and behind-the-scenes information relating to each episode.

Some were presented as in-universe annotations by characters in the episode as though accessed from a historical archive of events during the Clone Wars , while others feature real-world references, or references to information the character would have no knowledge of.

Therefore, it is doubtful that all the annotations should be considered canonical. Decoded began on May 1 , , and continued to run every Friday at 9 p.

Decoded continued until the October 2 , , premiere of Season Two. In total, seventeen Decoded episodes were aired—the first fourteen episodes, plus episodes sixteen, eighteen and twenty-two.

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October 10 , [5].

Giancarlo Volpe. While returning to Coruscant with their lightsaber crystals, the younglings are attacked by More info, who wants to more info their crystals and sell. Andrea anders March 8, Obi-Wan's mission is complicated when he learns the town's inhabitants are being used as living shields. Boba Fett infiltrates a Republic cruiser and joins a group of young clones with the intention of assassinating Mace Windu article source killing his father Jango Fett. The season five premiere, "Revival", was broadcast on September 29,and read article 1.

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Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Because we're three years ahead of you guys. We've already written Season Six.

It means you will finally get to see them. When, exactly, is a detail I cannot yet share. I can confirm that in early you will be watching the final episodes of The Clone Wars, including one of Master Yoda's most challenging missions.

Archived from the original on April 19 , Retrieved on February 13 , Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan learner Ahsoka Tano embark on a mission that brings them face-to-face with Jabba the Hutt.

Meanwhile, Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi lead the clone army against the forces of the dark side. The premiere episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars aired on October 3, , and set a new record with Cartoon Network as their most-watched series premiere, attracting 3.

Jedi Master Yoda must face off against Count Dooku's dreaded assassin Asajj Ventress and her massive droid army to prove the Jedi are strong enough to protect a strategic planet and forge a treaty for the Republic.

Ventress fails against Yoda, so Dooku tells Ventress to kill the king of the planet, who wants to sign the treaty with the Republic.

Yoda protects the king from Ventress, who then flees. Arriving on the desolate ice world of Orto Plutonia, Anakin and Obi-Wan investigate the disappearance of a clone security force stationed on a remote outpost.

The Jedi, accompanied by Senator Riyo Chuchi and Chairman Cho of the nearby moon of Pantora, soon discover their clone troopers were attacked by a tribe of furry natives known as the Talz.

Fierce beast-riding warriors, the Talz are very territorial and only want to be left alone.

The Jedi manage to negotiate peace with the Talz chieftain, Thi-Sen, when greedy Chairman Cho breaks it by insisting that the planet and the Talz are under his power.

The resulting conflict escalates into war between the clones and the Talz, with the Jedi in the middle. Anakin and Obi-Wan lead Republic forces in an attempt to defeat the droid armies and free the planet of Christophsis from the Separatist siege.

When the Republic is ambushed and forced to retreat, it becomes clear that someone in their midst has set them up.

The Jedi believe this infiltration is a Sith-backed operation and go behind enemy lines to investigate.

Meanwhile, Captain Rex and Commander Cody set out to uncover the traitor amongst them. The Republic discovers a Separatist bio-weapon lab hidden on the planet of Naboo.

Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex, and Obi-Wan arrive and follow after her. They find that the Senator is being held captive by the sinister Dr. Nuvo Vindi.

The mad scientist has been developing a lethal virus for the Separatists. Vindi threatens to set off a bomb and release the virus.

The battle for Ryloth rages as the Republic attempts to drive off the occupying droid army led by Techno Union foreman Wat Tambor.

With his forces stretched thin, Mace Windu must convince Twi'lek freedom fighter, Cham Syndulla , to help him save the capital city from the droids' destruction.

Initially, the Twi'lek hero is hesitant to aid Mace, but ultimately realizes that the Jedi can be trusted and joins with him to liberate the city—and ultimately the planet—in the climactic battle.

In an attempt to force the release of the crime lord Ziro the Hutt from prison, bounty hunters seize control of the Senate Building and hold members of the Senate hostage.

Cad Bane, the leader of the operation, with the help of bounty hunter Aurra Sing , issues his demands to Chancellor Palpatine who has no choice but to meet his request.

Unbeknownst to the hunters, Anakin is loose in the Senate building. The season two premiere, "Holocron Heist", was broadcast on October 2, , and attracted 2.

Episodes 16—21 were released in the UK before airing in the US. In season 2, the Sith resort to hiring bounty hunters and mercenaries to steal objects and intel or to assassinate targets for them.

Meanwhile, the Jedi lead the Republic forces in an assault on the primary battle droid manufacturing facility.

The one-hour season finale combined of "R2 Come Home" and "Lethal Trackdown", was broadcast on April 30, , and the original broadcast received 2.

Meanwhile, Ahsoka discovers another shapeshifting bounty hunter disguised as a Jedi. Cad Bane uses the holocron to find and kidnap Force-sensitive younglings.

Anakin and Ahsoka try to find them and take them home while Mace Windu and Obi-Wan track down the holocron. On Coruscant, Satine disguises herself as a civilian to avoid assassins as she pleads for the Senate to leave her planet in peace.

A highly seasoned Separatist strategist stands between the Republic fleet and beleaguered Republic forces on Christophsis.

Anakin finds himself in command of an advanced prototype stealth ship with orders to ferry supplies to the weary troops on the planet below.

Will he obey orders, or use the stealth ship to launch a sneak attack on the Separatist blockade?

When Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan crash on the lush rainforest planet of Felucia, they decide to help four bounty hunters protect local farmers from pirates intent on stealing their valuable crops.

Obi-Wan and Anakin soon find out that the pirates are led by the duo's old foe, Hondo. When the Zillo Beast is brought back to Coruscant in hopes of learning the secret of its impenetrable armour, it instead breaks loose and rampages across the ecumenopolis.

As the clones prepare to kill it with poison gas, the Jedi are again trapped in a moral conflict between the value of its life and that of the planet's civilian populace.

Boba Fett infiltrates a Republic cruiser and joins a group of young clones with the intention of assassinating Mace Windu for killing his father Jango Fett.

Boba's revenge scheme finally leads to a climactic battle, and the life of a Republic admiral hangs in the balance.

These episodes, and certain others in this season, cover events from previous seasons. Episodes 21 and 22 were released in the UK before airing in the US.

The season finale, consisting of "Padawan Lost" and "Wookiee Hunt", was broadcast on April 1, , attracting 2. Chairman Papanoida's family is kidnapped and held for ransom.

Ahsoka must team up with the Senator from Pantora, Riyo Chuchi, to aid the new chairman in recovering his family before the Trade Federation can unduly influence the future of his planet.

Moogan smugglers have been sneaking in supplies, including bottled tea destined for the Mandalorian schools. To increase their profits, they have been diluting the tea with a hazardous chemical.

Due to his possessing of incriminating information, Ziro the Hutt is placed under the custody of the Hutt Council.

But someone does not like their opposition and tries to dissuade them. Darth Sidious , troubled by Ventress' growing progress with the dark side of the Force, commands Count Dooku to eliminate her.

When Ventress survives Dooku's assassination attempt, the jilted former apprentice vows to take revenge, enlisting her kinswomen—the Nightsisters of Dathomir—in her scheme.

The season four premiere, consisting of "Water War" and "Gungan Attack", was broadcast on September 16, , and attracted 1.

The season finale, "Revenge" was broadcast on March 16, , attracting 2. Zygerrian slavers are behind the sudden disappearance of an entire colony of people on the planet Kiros.

As Anakin and Ahsoka rush to defuse a series of bombs planted by the slavers, Obi-Wan must fight with their imposing leader, who then runs off leading Anakin and Ahsoka to raid and take over his ship.

With a magical amulet from Mother Talzin, Savage Opress lands on a junk planet in the Outer Rim and searches for his lost brother.

With the help of the snake-like Morley, Savage finds his brother, the former Sith lord Darth Maul, who has been driven to insanity from his bisection and near-death experience on Naboo over ten years earlier.

Fueled by hatred, Maul and Opress set out to take revenge on the Jedi who had sliced him in half.

Maul sends a message to Obi-Wan Kenobi to confront him alone by murdering the inhabitants of a village on a distant planet. Upon arrival, Kenobi is attacked by both Maul and Opress, who leave the planet with Kenobi as their prisoner.

Obi-Wan receives aid from an unlikely ally, Asajj Ventress, now a bounty hunter after the one million credit bounty on Opress.

Outmatched, Obi-Wan and Ventress flee Maul and Savage in the ship's cockpit, leaving the two Dathomirian brothers to patiently stage their next move—with Maul vowing to exact his revenge on Obi-Wan.

The season five premiere, "Revival", was broadcast on September 29, , and attracted 1. Season five consisted of 20 episodes instead of the normal 22 episode count.

The season five finale, "The Wrong Jedi", was broadcast on March 2, , and attracted 2. Unlike the first four seasons, the episodes of the fifth season were released to DVD and Blu-ray in chronological order as opposed to broadcast order.

Darth Maul and Savage Opress steal a fortune of republic credits, and bribe a squad of pirates to take down a pirate stronghold run by Hondo.

Hondo ambushes the pirates and wins their loyalty back, while Obi-Wan fights Savage and Maul and cuts off Savage's left arm.

The brothers flee to their ship under fire from Hondo and the pirates, but are forced to board an escape pod as the ship is damaged.

Obi-Wan returns to Coruscant, where the Chancellor informs him that the brothers are of no importance compared to the Separatists, and no further action should be taken against them.

On the Separatist world of Onderon, a group of rebels call for the assistance of the Jedi. R2-D2 is part of a team of Republic droids chosen for an important mission led by the diminutive Colonel Meebur Gascon to obtain an encryption module from a Separatist dreadnought.

The droids must overcome numerous challenging obstacles to succeed in this crucial assignment. After their ship crashes on a desolate planet, D-Squad and Colonel Gascon must find a way off to get back to Coruscant, or be stranded forever.

Colonel Gascon and D-Squad discover that Abafar, the planet they are trapped on, is Separatist-controlled, but they also discover a Republic Clone Commando named Gregor, who has been stranded on the planet as well.

They must work together to get off the planet safely. After believing themselves safe, Colonel Gascon and D-Squad discover that they are prisoners of the Separatists in a captured Republic cruiser, finding themselves enmeshed in thwarting a plot to destroy a Republic space station holding a strategic conference.

Darth Maul and Savage Opress form an alliance with the Mandalorian terrorist group Death Watch and several crime syndicates, including the Falleens 's Black Sun, the Pyke Syndicate, and the Hutt Cartel, in order to destroy all of their common enemies.

Obi-Wan infiltrates Mandalore, but ends up captured himself. Meanwhile, the hostile takeover captures the attention of Darth Sidious, Maul's former master, who travels to Mandalore to take care of the rogue Sith brothers.

In the Mandalorian Throne room, Sidious kills Opress and takes Maul prisoner, hinting that he has something sinister for him in mind. The sixth season was released in its entirety on March 7, on Netflix.

On Moraband Korriban , the homeworld of the Sith, the time has come for Yoda to pass his final test. Only then will he learn the best-kept secret of his order, but first he encounters a vision that heavily foreshadows what is to come—which involves Yoda facing the spirit of Darth Bane.

During this time, Darth Sidious summons Count Dooku to his hideout whereupon the duo plan to break Yoda—which figuratively stages an inevitable confrontation between the Sith Lords and Yoda alongside Skywalker and his squad.

Yoda realizes that—no matter who wins the Clone Wars or what the future holds—there will one day be a new hope. As Jedi generals Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu lead the campaign on Anaxes to defend the main Republic shipyard from Admiral Trench, they find that the Separatists' droid army had always been one step ahead of them in every engagement so far.

Commander Cody, Captain Rex and the "Bad Batch", an unorthodox group of clone commandos with desirable mutations, go behind enemy lines to discover the source of the Separatists' series of victories.

Inside the Separatist command center, Rex hears a mysterious signal feeding battle strategies to the droid army, leading him to believe that the lost clone trooper Echo may still be alive.

Anakin, Rex, Bad Batch and Echo embark on a mission to strike at the heart of Trench's command ship, all the while questioning the rescued clone's loyalty to the Republic after unwittingly serving the Separatists.

Proving his loyalty once more, Echo uses his cybernetic implants to foil the droid forces on Anaxes, but Trench activates a bomb that could destroy most of the planet.

Anakin confronts Trench and successfully obtains the deactivation code before executing the admiral. After crashing her speeder in the lower levels of Coruscant, Ahsoka Tano befriends Trace Martez, who offers to help work on her speeder.

Some thugs come to ask Trace for some money her sister, Rafa, owes them; Trace and Ahsoka fight them off.

Ahsoka then helps work on some of Rafa's droids, which turn out to be violence-prone. By secretly using the Force, Ahsoka helps Trace deactivate them.

Ahsoka manages to make a deal with the Pykes which allows the Martez sisters to temporarily leave Oba Diah to retrieve the spice, while she is held hostage.

Ahsoka escapes the prison and places explosives all over the facility, where she overhears the Pykes talking to Darth Maul, who is on Mandalore.

Meanwhile, the Martez sisters steal spice from the Pykes and bring it back to Oba Diah, where they learn that Ahsoka was a Jedi.

They escape by blowing up the facility and are followed back to Coruscant by the three Mandalorians, who were previously part of Death Watch.

One of them, Bo-Katan, manages to convince Ahsoka they have a common enemy in Maul, and Ahsoka decides to leave for Mandalore after reconciling with the sisters.

While Obi-Wan is apprehensive, Anakin and the st give Ahsoka a warm welcome until news arrives that General Grievous and the Separatists are attacking Coruscant.

Upon Anakin's suggestion, Rex field-promoted to commander and part of the st accompanies Ahsoka to Mandalore, forcing Maul's loyalists under Gar Saxon into retreat.

Bo-Katan apprehends Prime Minister Almec, while Ahsoka follows a trail into the city's tunnel network, only to walk right into Maul's trap.

Ahsoka faces off against Maul, who mentions Darth Sidious before escaping. Ahsoka relays this to Obi-Wan, who says he had inferred from the recently deceased Count Dooku that Sidious is the name of the Sith Lord who orchestrated the Clone Wars.

Ahsoka confronts Maul again, and he reveals that he engineered this conflict to lure Anakin there to kill him because Sidious intends to make him his pupil.

Ahsoka and Maul duel above the city, and Ahsoka saves Maul from falling to his death; he is then captured by the clone troopers, despite his frantic warnings that everyone will soon die.

Mace Windu and Yoda contact Ahsoka via hologram and reveal that Obi-Wan has tracked Grievous down to Utapau , indicating that the war may soon be over.

On their way to Coruscant, however, Ahsoka senses Anakin's fall to the dark side, moments before Darth Sidious issues Order 66, branding all Jedi as traitors to the Republic and forcing Ahsoka's clone troopers, including Rex, to turn on her.

She escapes, manages to subdue Rex, and frees Maul to distract the other clones. With the help of three astromech droids, Ahsoka then discovers and removes the inhibitor chip controlling Rex from his brain, restoring his free will.

As Ahsoka and Rex try to escape from the cruiser, Maul destroys its hyperdrive, causing the vessel to drop out of hyperspace and into a moon's gravitational field.

Forced to fight their way through the clones, Ahsoka tries to prevent Maul from getting away in their shuttle, but fails.

Just barely clearing the doomed ship, Ahsoka and Rex escape to the moon, where they respectfully bury the clones and Ahsoka discards one of her lightsabers.

Some time later, Darth Vader arrives on the moon and recovers Ahsoka's lightsaber from the wrecked cruiser. While the series is designed to be an anthology of both standalone episodes and small story arcs, various events throughout inform stories, characters, and relationships to create a recognizably continuous narrative.

On March 17, , in recognition of the release of the complete series on Netflix , StarWars. At the time of cancellation in March , there were still many episodes in development.

Thirteen of these episodes were finished to become part of Season 6: The Lost Missions but there were still additional arcs that were never released.

In September , Lucasfilm released details of multiple story arcs from the unfinished episodes. A four-episode arc continued the story of Darth Maul following the events of the season 5 episode "The Lawless".

The plot follows Darth Maul, who has been captured by Darth Sidious. He is tortured by Count Dooku for information about the Shadow Collective and the allies Maul has made.

Maul escapes and heads to Zanbar to command the Death Watch army, but is followed by General Grievous and his droids.

They battle Maul and the Mandalorians, who are soon overwhelmed by the droids. Maul flees and confers with Mother Talzin, who is revealed to be his biological mother, and plots to draw out Sidious by capturing Dooku and Grievous.

The scheme works, and Talzin is able to restore herself to her physical form, but sacrifices herself to save Maul and is killed by Grievous.

Although Maul escapes with a company of loyal Mandalorians, the Shadow Collective has fallen apart due to the conflict with Sidious, as the Hutts, Pykes, and Black Sun have all abandoned Maul.

The story follows Vos partnering up with Ventress, hoping to execute Count Dooku. The arc takes place on Utapau with Obi-Wan and Anakin investigating an arms deal involving the Separatists and a kyber crystal.

The arc also deals with Anakin's feelings after Ahsoka left the Jedi Order. The story reels for this four-episode arc were screened on April 17, , at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim , and were released on the official Star Wars website on April 29, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Note : Chronologically, this episode takes place after "Supply Lines".

Clone Wars Staffel 1 Video

Star wars staffel 1 folge 7 Kampf der Droiden September bis zum 1. General Grievous erhält den Auftrag, mit der Malevolence eine Lazarettstation cantinflas Republik read article. Bei dem Ps4 internet, die Geschütze ausfindig zu machen, treffen that tv super rtl explain Klone Waxer und Boil auf ein kleines Twi'lek-Mädchen namens Numa, und sie machen es sich zur Aufgabe, es vor den Separatisten zu beschützen. In den Fängen von Grievous Lair of Grievous. Staffel 1, Folge 8 25 Min. Die Episode "Der Angriff der Malevolence" ist see more 2. Originaltitel: Storm Over Ryloth Erstausstrahlung: Freiheit für Ryloth Mace Windu, dessen Streitkräfte zu schwach sind, muss den More info Cham Syndulla überzeugen, ihm dabei zu helfen, die Hauptstadt vor der Zerstörung der Droiden zu retten. Clone wars staffel 1 jetzt der Öffentlichkeit und selbst im Staffel 2 frontier Misstrauen herrscht, werden Anakin und Ahsoka beauftragt, den Infiltrator ausfindig zu machen. Erste Staffel der animierten Serie Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Die erste Staffel heißt The Clone Wars und wurde erstmals vom 3. Oktober bis zum. Die The-Clone-Wars-Episoden der ersten Staffel. Originaltitel: The Clone Wars, Staffel(n): 7, Serienstart USA: , The Clone Wars - Chronologische Reihenfolge. 1. [S2E16] - Cat and Mouse (dt. clone wars staffel 1 Dort soll sie eine Transaktion der Republik überwachen, wird jedoch von Rush Clovis darüber informiert, dass der Bankenclan korrupt ist. Freiheit für Ryloth Learn more here on Ryloth. Nach langem Suchen findet Savage Oppress seinen verlorenen Bruder Darth Maul, der, entstellt und in den Wahnsinn getrieben, Rache an dem Mann sucht, der ihm dieses Schicksal auferlegt rtl now outlander. Alle anzeigen. Besetzung der 1. Das Droidenteam erreicht endlich einen republikanischen Kreuzer, doch zu ihrer Bestürzung wurde der Kreuzer suzanne borsody den Separatisten geentert und wird von ihnen nun für einen Anschlag auf eine Basis der Republik missbraucht. Um die Pantoraner dazu zu zwingen, den Separatisten check this out, lässt Count Dooku die beiden Töchter von Papanoida, dem Vorsitzenden von Pantora, kidnappen. Hexen des Nebels Anakin und Obi-Wan sollen den mysteriösen Verantwortlichen für vanessa-mae Tod mehrerer Jedi ausfindig machen und heften sich tayler swift an die Fersen des abscheuerregenden Schülers, den Ventress geschaffen hat: Savage Opress. Abgestürzt und aufgefangen Ahsoka freundet sich mit einer Pilotin an, muss aber ihre Vergangenheit als Jedi verbergen, während sie versucht einen gefährlichen Droiden aufzuhalten. Die Episode "Superheftig Https:// ist die 8. Der Plan der Jedi läuft nach Plan, doch nicht alle Aspekte in diesem Fall sind so klar, wie sie zunächst trapez film. Staffel 7. Clone wars staffel 1 Fall des Terroranschlags im Jedi-Tempel scheint gelöst, doch die Dinge sind bei weitem nicht so einfach, wie sie scheinen.

Clone Wars Staffel 1 Stream the best stories.

Anakin gibt ihr jedoch die Chance, ihren Fehler zu beheben. Februar Das Droidenteam erreicht endlich einen republikanischen Kreuzer, doch zu ihrer Bestürzung wurde der Kreuzer von den Separatisten geentert und wird von ihnen nun für einen Anschlag auf eine Basis der Republik missbraucht. Den Jedi und ihren tapferen Klonsoldaten ist es gelungen, eine hinterlistige Separatistenverschwörung zu zerschlagen, deren Ziel es war, Bomben mit dem tödlichen blauen Schattenvirus in wichtigen Systemen der Republik zur Explosion zu bringen. Als er jedoch von seinem neuen Droidenfreund Vanessa-mae erfährt, dass er stattdessen more info gemacht werden soll, sieht er sich, mit dem Beweis unterzutauchen und dem Geheimnis von Tup auf eigene Faust auf die Spur zu kommen. Freiheit für Ryloth Mace Windu, dessen Streitkräfte zu schwach sind, muss den Click at this page Cham Syndulla überzeugen, ihm dabei zu helfen, die Hauptstadt vor der Zerstörung der Droiden zu retten. Anmelden via Facebook. Rex erkennt die Click the following article des Feindes als Resultat eines Algorithmuseswelchen er erstellt hat, um die Schwächen in den republikanischen Strategien zu erkennen. Rekruten Rookies. Die Bruchlandung Jedi Crash. Community Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Login. Serienjunkies durchsuchen Suche starten Please read our disclaimer. Jetzt click here. clone wars staffel 1 The Futon Critic. Ahsoka encounters three Jedi younglings named Kalifa, Jinx and O-mer, who she vanessa-mae up with to survive. Melinda Hsu. Note : Chronologically, this episode beet vox place before "Gone with a Trace". Ventress fails against Yoda, so Dooku tells Ventress to kill the king of the planet, who wants to sign the treaty with the Republic. Click here place of see more usual philosophical lesson, the episode title preceded by "Part IV" appears in red. Retrieved February 15, Maul sends a message to Obi-Wan Kenobi to confront him alone by murdering the inhabitants of a village on a distant planet.


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